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The latest trends in bracelets

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Bracelets, those magnificent adornments, have stood the test of time, constantly renewing themselves to stay in step with the trends of the moment. Whether we're talking sparkling gold, shining silver, or creations adorned with shimmering pearls or precious gems, the world of bracelets opens up to us with an abundance of choices to satisfy every taste and every event. Whether to enhance a casual style or add a touch of elegance to a sophisticated outfit, there's always a bracelet that will sublimate the wearer.

Types of bracelets

Bracelets are available in a variety of styles to suit all tastes and occasions:

1. Pearl bracelets:

Pearl bracelets embody an eternal classic. They can be crafted from exquisite cultured pearls, semi-precious pearls or even costume pearls, bringing a touch of timeless elegance to every wrist.

2. Gold-plated bracelets:

These bracelets offer the sumptuous brilliance of gold at a more affordable price. Often embellished with precious or semi-precious stones, they radiate beauty and elegance.

3. Rush bracelets:

Rope bracelets are characterized by their rigid structure. They can be worn alone for a touch of understated grace, or stacked for a bold look with plenty of attitude.

4. Leather bracelet:

Leather bracelets add a casual touch to any outfit, suitable for both men and women. Their versatile style is perfect for a casual, trendy look.

5. Steel bracelet :

Sturdy and corrosion-resistant, steel bracelets are built to last. They can be simple and sleek, or encrusted with diamonds or other precious stones, adding a touch of glamour to your look.

6. Bracelet gourmette:

This type of bracelet is often associated with a masculine style, but it can also be worn by women for a bold touch. Its strong, masculine chain offers a distinctive charm to any ensemble.

Associated jewelry

It's entirely possible to create harmonious combinations by associating bracelets with other categories of jewelry, enriching your overall look. To illustrate, you can coordinate your bracelet with your necklace, earrings or even your ring. This approach allows you to design jewelry sets that harmonize, taking into account features such as materials, patterns, shades or even types of gemstones.

By being creative in your choice of accessories, you can achieve a visual composition that enhances your personal elegance. Whether it's opting for a perfectly matched set for a special occasion or subtly mixing different jewels for a touch of originality in your everyday life, the possibilities are endless.

This makes jewelry an exquisite way to express your style and uniqueness while highlighting your singular beauty. So don't hesitate to explore jewelry combinations to create looks that suit you, bringing a touch of elegance to every moment of your life.

Materials used

Bracelets can be made from a wide range of materials, offering infinite diversity in style and aesthetics. These include gold in its various hues - yellow gold, rose gold and white gold - each adding a distinctive glow to the piece. Silver, whether solid or rhodium-plated, also offers an elegant alternative for those who prefer a silvery sheen.

In addition to precious metals, bracelets can incorporate a multitude of precious and semi-precious stones to add color and brilliance. These gems include timeless classics like diamonds, as well as more accessible alternatives such as zirconium, rhinestones, crystals, turquoise, crystal and even lapis lazuli, each adding their own touch of magnificence.

So, whether you want a glittering bracelet adorned with sparkling diamonds or a more casual creation embellished with shimmering crystals, the world of bracelets offers you an infinite palette of possibilities to reflect your personal style and taste.

Bracelet styles

A profusion of bracelet styles awaits you, each designed to satisfy a variety of preferences:

  1. Fantasy: These bracelets stand out for their bright color palette and playfulness.
  2. Ethnic: Inspired by the rich cultures of the world, ethnic bracelets often feature tribal motifs or natural stones, offering a fascinating dive into cultural diversity.
  3. Bohemian: Bohemian bracelets are characterized by their relaxed, natural look, favoring materials such as leather or pearls for authentic, bohemian artistic expression.
  4. Minimalist: For those who appreciate simplicity, minimalist bracelets come in a streamlined form, ideal for a discreet, elegant look that blends perfectly with any outfit.

Whether you're looking for an explosion of color and playfulness with fancy bracelets, cultural immersion with ethnic bracelets, a touch of naturalness with bohemian bracelets or the sobriety of minimalism, options abound to reflect your unique style.

Current trends

Current trends in the world of bracelets are characterized by a bold use of vibrant colors, original patterns and a strong preference for natural materials. What's more, the options for clasps and links are diversifying considerably, offering a range of choices from traditional styles to innovative modern creations.

The explosion of color brings a welcome vitality to contemporary bracelets, endowing them with positive energy. Bold patterns, whether geometric, floral or even artistic, create unique, expressive pieces that reflect the wearer's personality.

Natural materials, such as wood, stone and leather, are gaining in popularity for their organic beauty and authentic look. They bring a connection to nature while enhancing the aesthetics of the bracelet.

Finally, clasps and links, whether classic or innovative, offer endless possibilities for personalizing your bracelet. They help create a unique accessory that perfectly suits your personal style.

So, thanks to these constantly evolving trends, the world of bracelets offers a vast field of exploration for jewelry lovers, enabling everyone to find the bracelet that best reflects their individuality and taste.

Choosing the right bracelet

Choosing the perfect bracelet depends on a number of essential factors, including your personal style, the nature of the occasion for which you plan to wear it (such as an engagement or other special event) and, last but not least, your identity as a man or a woman.

Discover the Arystead collection collection today and be seduced by timeless elegance. Don't wait any longer, explore our unique pieces and find the one that will reveal your distinctive style. Store today and let your beauty shine with Arystead.

Bracelet care

To keep your bracelets in pristine condition, regular care is essential. To do so, get into the habit of cleaning them frequently with a soft cloth, and be sure to store them meticulously in a jewelry box when you're not wearing them. This meticulous care will ensure the longevity and splendor of your precious jewels.


Bracelets are an essential accessory in any wardrobe. Whatever your personal aesthetic or price range, there's invariably a bracelet to match your individuality. These jewels sublimate your style and add a touch of grace to every outfit you choose to wear.

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